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    Aher Says South Area of West Java Needs Regional Office of OJK


    BANDUNG- Governor of West Java urges the Financial Services Authority (OJK) to open a Regional Office in the south area of West Java since the area has a high potential and a large demography.

    Heryawan explained that all this time we have been asked to use technology; to serve the remote area we can apply the program of 'Laku Pandai' (Smart Act branchless banking service for financial inclusion).

    "Banks now don't have to have branch offices in the remote area but need to do with ICT," said Heryawan after inaugurating West Java Regional Office 2 of OJK in Bandung, Friday (03/10/2017).

    The Governor of West Java who is also well known as Aher further said that besides using technology, they can cooperate with some micro institutions there or Village Savings (Bungdes).

    "They can also cooperate with some micro institutions, or cooperate with Bungdes," he said.

    Aher explained that Bungdes has been well developed. In addition, banks have much directly intervened, so that their offices might be established in the remote area. Thus, it does not have to build new offices since the cost is low and Bungdes itself has been known by the citizens.

    "They just need to delegate one or two people to operate the access to the Central OJK. I think it's very easy to be done," he said (MAT)

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