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    Governor of West Java Inaugurates Regional Office 2 of Financial Services Authority


    BANDUNG- Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan inaugurates West Java Regional Office 2 of Financial Services Authority (OJK) on Ir. H Djuanda Street, Bandung.

    The Governor of West Java who is commonly known as Aher said that through the inauguration of the new office, it can lift a new spirit to serve the citizens of West Java in terms of education, financial control, and financial industry.

    "Of course this is a downstream industry demanded by many people," Aher said during his opening speech on OJK's Regional Office 2 inauguration in Bandung, Friday (03/10/2017).

    Heryawan urges the OJK to advocate and guide all of the citizens with regard to the financial industry which positively affects the economy and prosperity of West Java citizens.

    "There is for sure a close relation with the financial regulation, both OJK and banking monetary. It’s because financial industries must support the presence of our economic independence," he explained.

    Furthermore, Aher said that it is not something excessive if OJK as a financing downstream industry, leads and provide payment for the upstream and midstream industrial sectors.

    "If the downstream sectors are well functioned and demanded by many people, but the midstream sectors do not function properly or the upstream sectors still function but not independent, then the industries surely will be dominated by imported commodities," he explained (MAT)

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