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    OJK to Open Regional Office in New Province


    BANDUNG- Financial Services Authority or OJK will open regional offices in new provinces such as Bangka Belitung since the offices there still merge with South Sumatera.

    Chairman of OJK Commissioner Board, Muliaman D. Hadad informed that OJK plans the office establishment to finish this year.

    "The planning is, we check it first and then it is submitted to the House. Hopefully, there would have been regional office by next year," he said to the reporters in Bandung, Friday (03/10/2017).

    Muliaman explained that now there have been 34 OJK's regional offices in Indonesia. Regarding the construction of regional office in North Kalimantan, OJK itself will meet the Governor of the province to select the location either Tarakan or the capital city of the province.

    "There haven't been any in new province, while others are already finished, now there are about 34 offices," he said.

    Regarding the inauguration of West Java Regional Office 2, Muliaman hopes that financial industry in West Java can develop and find solution for the small enterprises and wider community in order to boost the economy.

    Meanwhile, for the establishment of regional office in south area of West Java, Maliaman considers its potential is well enough since there are 23 banks in that area.

    "We know that the development of the south regions has enormous potential. So if we support it, hopefully it can be beneficial because there are also 23 banks," he explained.

    However, he informed that the construction of regional office in that area has not been decided.

    "Until now, it's not decided yet, at least the closest one will be in Sukabumi," he said.

    Muliaman emphasized that the economic growth of West Java remains stable since it is higher than of national. Also, the financial industries grow better than the national average.

    "I think the economic growth is good enough. It just needs to be allocated for some prioritised sectors. Some sectors which need to be enhanced are like tourism, maritime, and so forth," he added.

    Having been asked about the selection of OJK Commissioner Board, Muliawan said that the selection process is still ongoing. He asked everyone to follow the process and pray for the advancement of OJK.

    "Let's just follow the process and hope OJK to be more devoloped," he said. (MAT)

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