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    Students of LPP Ariyanti to Get Beauty Consultation


    BANDUNG- Students of international beautician program with Korean technology opened by Ariyanti Institute of Education and Training (LPP) will get both beauty consultation and directly guided when they will start a business.

    Director of Changwon Co., Ltd and SDA Beauty Academy Korea, Lee Chong Ki said that their institution will provide various curriculums including consultation and guidance, especially for the course participants in Indonesia.

    "During the learning process, we will combine the existed curriculum from Ariyanti with our program, starting from the basic to advanced," he informed.

    Lee explained that for those who meet the requirements, the institution will give chance to anyone who have graduated in order to be able to work in Beauty Care in Korea.

    "After they've graduated and want to work, we give opportunity for them to work with us," Lee said to the reporters on the Campus of Ariyanti, HOS Cokroaminoto Street No. 127, Bandung, Friday (03/10).

    Meanwhile, Instructor of Korea Beautician Program, Yang Shi Yun said that this kind of education in Indonesia is much needed, considering the fact that there begins to appear many skincare services with the latest technology but the number of Human Resources is still minimal.

    "Skincare which uses technology is very much needed and will keep developing, concerning the fact that not a few Indonesian have problems with skin," Yang explained.

    For the people who are interested in getting the training program, can directly come to LPP Ariyanti since the class will be limited for 15 people in the morning and the afternoon and 15 people in the evening. (Parno).

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