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    Students of FE Unpad Attended Public Lecture by West Java BI Director


    BANDUNG-Dozens of students from the Faculty of Economics and Business in Padjadjaran University (Unpad) attended a public lecture delivered directly by  The head representative of Bank Indonesia for West Java Province, Juda Agung.

    Juda hoped that the students are able to understand the impact of problems and challenges of the global economy on the Indonesian economy.

    "I told them the current situation of the challenges of global economy for students," said Juda, during the public lecture on "Opportunities and Challenges of Indonesian Economic 2017" in Bale Rumawat of Padjadjaran Univesrity, on Dipatiukur street No. 35 in Bandung, on Thursday (09/03).

    According to Juda, the global economic issues need to be understood because it can give an inspiration to those who want to write thesis and dissertation.

    "First, it can inspire those who want to write a dissertation or thesis on the faced challenges so that they will seek a solution for the thesis of dissertation," he said.

    This public lecture was opened by the Vice Dean for Planning, Information Systems, Governance, and Resource Faculty of Economics and Business Unpad, Yudi Azis, with Tati and Head of BI Group of West Java, Ismet Inono as moderators.

    At the end of the lecture, Socialization and Education regarding characteristics of Authentic Rupiah (CIKUR) TE in 2016 was conducted by the admin team of West Java BI. (Parno)


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