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    Provincial Government of West Java Will Find a Solution to Transportation Policy


    BANDUNG-Following up the demonstrations by public transportation all over Bandung Raya. West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said that online taxi issue is not a new issue; the Provincial Government of West Java will coordinate with the Department of Transportation (Transportation) of West Java in order to know the problem in detail.

    "I don't understand the problem in detail," he told reporters in Bandung, on Thursday (9/3/2017).

    Heryawan explained that if public vehicles operate for the public, then the vehicles must meet some requirements.

    "Certainly the rules should be enforced entirely; taxi and public transportation have been registered. The tracks are clear, number plate must be yellow and leased to the public both those having its own route and non-trajectory such as taxis. They have their own rules," he explained.

    Aher thinks that the demonstration of public transportation is considered reasonable because if there is a demand of the drivers and transport entrepreneurs to enforce the same rules, then this will be definitely considered.

    He said he would tell the aspirations of employers and public transportation drivers to the Ministry of Transport so that they will issue the policy without harming particular parties.

    "I think it is reasonable. Well, we'll encourage both driver and transport entrepreneurs that we will submit the complaint to the Ministry of Transportation" he said. (MAT)


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