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    Vice Governor Demiz Received Police Honorary from Regional Police of West Java


    BANDUNG- Vice governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) received a police honorary from regional police of West Java (Kapolda). This honorary was given for Demiz's services in cooperation and participation in governance and community development to realize conducive and secure situation in regional police area of West Java. He also deserves the pin and medals given as the symbol of the honorary.

    The honorary was directly given by West Java Kapolda, Irjen Pol. Anton Charliyan during police award and honorary police event to police officials and public figures at Regional Police Headquarters (Mapolda) in West Java on Soekarno Hatta Street No. 748, Bandung City, on thursday morning (9/3/2017). This honorary was given in accordance with decision of west java police chief No. Kep. 240/III/2017 about Honorary Police given by chief of regional police to TNI  
    officials, government officials, public figures, religious figures, Educational figures, Youth Leaders and Head of the Print Media in West Java who have worked together and participating in police task to improve police organization and realize secure and conducive area of Polda in West Java on March 8, 2017.

    Demiz was thankful to the police for the honorary given to him. He said that Indonesia needs a public figure to motivate them to realize a secure and conducive situation, and this can be an inspiration for people to do positive things.

    The honored figures can be a role model for future development of West Java. "So I think all public figures honored today can be a role model for future development of West Java. This is a really positive thing that should be always preserved," said Demiz during his speech in the honorary event.

    The Police Award and Honorary Police event is a highest honor from Police institution that was firstly held. This honorary was given by chief police of republic  
    Indonesia (Kapolri) to dedicated people who give positive contribution to police of Republic of Indonesia.

    The police chief of regional police of West Java, Irjen Pol. Anton Charliyan in his speech said that today Polri wants to build trust from people. One attempt to gain  
    the trust is through public figures.=

    "Therefore, to build up the trust, Polri needs a figure. It wouldn't be necessarily to look at foreigners or non-West Java figures, if West Java actually has many public figures to be taken as our role models," Anton observed.

    Furthermore, Anton emphasized that the honorary was also given as hospitality. Thus, the honorary aims to glue the sense of kinship between the police force and other institutions as well as people.

    "We consider this honorary as our big family, our figure. So this police office now belongs to you, don't hesitate, any police office in West Java is your home, your office." said Anton.

    Besides vice governor Demiz, other public figures also receive this honorary, they are Pangdam III/Siliwangi, Mayjen Muhammad Herindra, Chief prosecutor of West Java, Setia Untung Arimuladi, Head of the West Java High Court, Arwan Byrin, Head of house of West Java representative, Ineu Purwadewi Sundari, PRA. Arif Natadiningrat (Sultan Sepuh Keraton Kasepuhan Cirebon), KH. Abdullah Gymnastiar (Religious figure), Desy Ratnasari (the official of house of representative), as well as other public figures.

    Syafii Nurhikman and Lupy Muhamadtollah (Students of SMA Negeri 6 Bandung in Cicendo bombing teror in Bandung),  
    Iwan Lamintang or Abah Iwan (eyewitness Cicendo bombing Bandung), and other 35 personel of regional Polri of West Java that successfully handled pot bombing in Pendawa park, Cicendo, Bandung city.

    The honorary for police personnel was given based on the decision of chief kapolda of West Java No. Kep. 241/III/2017 regarding honorary for West Java Polri Polda personnel on March 17, 2017 in order to motivate and support them.

    "This police award is expected to improve the discipline and performance of police personnel. We don't expect that after being given this honorary their work performance worse," hoped Anton.


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