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    Non Cash Food Aid is Officially Launched


    BANDUNG- Non-cash food aid program (BPNT) in West Java is officially launched at Gedung Sate, Bandung city, on Thursday (9/3) by the governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan. This non-cash food aid program is distribution of basic needs (rice and sugar) to poor people through welfare card.

    "The poor people are handed out welfare cards or ATM-like cards that will be used to buy their basic needs such as rice and sugar in several outlets. The nominal of each card is topped up IDR 160,000 per month," said Aher.

    Aher said that those who received welfare cards for this BPNT program are based on the data given by social ministry.

    "The data are based on what social ministry gave to us that also is cooperated with related agencies in the province. By this system, the program is expected to be given to the right people since only the card holders who deserve this BPNT," he explained.

    For the first time, the program only provides rice and sugar, but Aher hopes that there will be new commodities added. BPNT is cooperated with Bank BNI and has already been launched in 9 regencies/cities. (Pun)


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