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    10 Regencies/cities achieved Award for 100 % Target of Rice for Poor fully Fulfilled


    BANDUNG- During the distribution of rice for poor people in 2016, West Java has distributed 470 thousand ton rice through the realization of distribution of Target Households Beneficiaries (RTSPM) more than 466 thousand tons, or 99,02 percent.

    The assistant of regional secretary on economy of West Java Denny Djuanda, said that there are 10 regencies/cities that not only reached up to 100% of the target, the rice distribution has also successfully fulfilled all HTR until December 31, 2016.

    "West Java governor is expected to give the award for the successful distribution of rice to all regents and mayors in three categories," said the assistant during the program and BPNT 2017 launchings at Gedung Sate in Bandung on Thursday (9/3/2017).

    Denny explained that the three categories include, the first category is regencies with fast distribution of rice namely Kuningan regency, Majalengka regency, and Indramayu regency.

    "As for the second category, cities with on-time distribution of rice, namely Sukabumi city, Cirebon city and Cimahi city," he informed.

    Meanwhile the third category is concerning the help of regional budget towards the smooth of distribution, that nominalize Ciamis regency, Pangandara regency, Bandung city and Banjar city.


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