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    Garut Regent: Year 2018 is 4th Year budget of Medium Term Development Plan 2014-2019


    GARUT- Garut Regent H. Rudi Gunawan SH., MH., MP., On Wednesday (8/3) at the Pendopo Garut State House opened Regional Development Planning in the Context of Local Government Work Plan Preparation Garut Regency 2018.

    Also present Head of Government and Development Coordination (BKPP) Region IV West Java Ir. Deddi Mulyadi, Head of West Java Province BAPPEDA Ir. H. Yerry Yanuar, MM, Chairman of the DPRD. Garut Ade Ginanjar, Chief Police Superintendent Novri Turangga, Garut military commander 0611 Lt. Col. Arm Setyo Hani S, Chairman of Garut Court Kadarwoko, SH., M. Hum., Regional Secretary H. Iman Alirahman, SH., M.Si, and heads of SKPD , district heads, village heads, community leaders as well as invitations.

    Regent Rudy Gunawan told about his leadership which one year remaining that will last until 23 January 2019. "The year 2018 is 4th years budget of RPJMD 2014-2019", he said. On the occasion Regent Rudy told his serve in three months earlier. He asked BAPPEDA abaout construction plan that will do and that has not been done.

    According to him, now a breakthrough to accelerate the growth of the road will be done soon, as the Leles road from tutugan to Iqro mosque and land acquisition. "In May, the way in front of the subdistrict office of Kadungora to bypass for land acquisition will clean up in 2018, became a very significant expansion of the city", he said. Additionally, it will soon be constructed roads that have been and will continue to connect several subdistricts through the east bypass towards Karangpawitan - Sucinaraja - Wanaraja and Pangatikan.

    During the previous regent leadership, Rudy added, many great job that have not done completely, so that it becomes the responsibility of his tenure. "Thank God It had a lot of pending work that could be cleaned up with the support of the leadership of Parliament who have given support and trust and promote and support the development programs with a number of considerable value from the value of 5 billion to 10 billion," said the regent.

    Nevertheless, he reminded, that public confidence is not tainted with the work that was very disappointing, so the regents regretfully must hold Previewing to various places in order to better development in the future.

    At the end of the briefing, the Regent Rudy expected Musrenbang results can be archived properly and submitted to the Parliament in order to know what will be done in 2018. Regent also hoped the result work of BAPPEDA could be awarded as last year, namely Anugerah Penghargaan Nusantara Pangripta.

    On that occasion, the regent accompanied by Chairman of the Parliament, BKPP IV of West Java and BAPPEDA of West Java Province presented awards to the best eight subdistricts in implementing Musrenbang in level of subdistrict 2017 in the form of Musrenbang Award, respectively to: Garut city subdistrict, Karangpawitan, Cigedug, Tarogong Kidul, Leles , Pameungpeuk, Samarang, and Pasirwangi subdistrict.

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