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    KSBI Broke ORI Record


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Kebangkitan Sunda Bersatu Indonesia (KSBI) with the motto JABAR BERSEKA (West Java Clean and Healthy for Everyone), broke national Original Record Indonesia (ORI) for Broomstick Movement with the highest number of participants at 14th KSBI anniversary.

    The Governor of West Java, H. Ahmad Heryawan, applauded KSBI for their modesty of cultural movement in several areas, through togetherness, sense of belonging as Sundanese, and mutual cooperation for Sundanese people to rise, unite, and develop for the better future of West Java.

    The matter was stated by Aher when he gave the speech at 10.000 Broomstick Mutual Cooperation (Sabilulungan) Movement, at Bale Rame, Soreang, Wednesday (8/3).

    "This is a cultural movement which has to be developed to be advanced, gradually West Java will be more advanced and prosperous," Aher said.

    Broomstick has a great function to represent unity, Aher added. One scape of stick is useless, while when the sticks are tied together, it can be usefull.

    "That also happened for human. If we only work alone the changes are subtle, while if we work together the changes will be great," he said.

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