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    Aher Astounded by Senior High School Students Who Do not Know the Names of the Ministers


    BANDUNG REGENCY-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, astounded by those 3rd-grade senior high school students who do not know the names of the ministers of Kabinet Kerja. He stated the matter when he gave bicycles by asking several questions at the anniversary of Kebangkitan Sunda Bersatu Indonesia (KSBI) Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Soreang, Bandung Regency, Rabu (8/3).

    "How can a 3rd-grade students in senior high school doesn't know any name of the ministers of Kabinet Kerja?" asked Aher. The student was embarrassed. Netty Heryawan, who also accompanied Aher at the stage also looked annoyed. "Study harder, please," she said.

    The students could not answer the question, and the Governor decided to change his questions by asking the full names of Indonesian Presidents. With a lot of effort, she finally could answer the question, and she was rewarded with a bicycle by Aher. There were 5 bicycles which were given by Aher through answering his questions, and the participants were chosen randomly.

    There was a lady who stammered in answering the names of mountains in West Java, and then the names of freshwater fish, and the names of food from fish.

    Aher and Netty attended the anniversary of KSBI. In that event, Original Record Indonesia (ORI) gave an original record for providing 10 thousands broom stick. Due to the enthusiasm, Aher said that he would add the bicycles.

    "I will add 5 more bicycles, but you have to take it from Pakuan building, and you have to ride the bicycles from Pakuan building to your houses," he sais along with the applause of the participants. (Pun)

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