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    Students of USB YPKP Apply Theory of Entrepreneurship


    BANDUNG - As a form of applying course materials delivered by the lecturers to the students, the University of Sangga Buana (USB) YPKP has officially launched a cafeteria at their campus.

    Rector of USB YPKP Asep Effendi said that the cafeteria operated from today, Wednesday (03/01) is managed by the lecturers and students as a form of applying materials during the course run under the Directorate of Business Entrepreneur.

    "Business incubator of USB YPKP applies the course materials given in the class," said Asep after launching the Cafeteria of USB YPKP at the USB YPKP campus, Wednesday (03/01).

    According to Asep, the USB YPKP's Cafeteria consists of 15 counters, in which previously for those who want to be in charge of the counters have to fulfil many requirements.

    "They who are in charge of the canteen's counters are mostly students, so that they can directly go into business, and it is also a form of entrepreneur spirit that we always maintain in our academic curriculum," he said.

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