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    West Java Provincial Government was Ready to Provide Suspension Bridges in All Regions


    BANDUNG - The Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) was ready to provide a suspension bridge above a river for that area which really needed it.

    Citizens were expected to be more proactive to report to the Provincial Government of West Java if there was a location that really needed a suspension bridge.

    The construction of a nonvgovernmental suspension bridge about Cidadap river at Rongga Sub-district and Gununghalu in West Bandung regency was expected as the last suspension bridge that had been done.

    "We are ready to facilitate the needs of suspension bridges. We have targeted to build 600 suspension bridges in all of West Java region in this year. We send a team to survey Rongga and Gununghalu if it is needed then we will reconstruct the suspension bridge which has standarisation," he said in Bandung, Tuesday (3/7/2017).

    The construction was helped by cooperating with Civil Society Organization (LSM) such as Vertical Rescue Indonesia. The estimation price for a suspension bridge with 75 M as the length was about IDR 50 million.

    "The cost is affordable, but it has many benefits. We have already provided budget for suspension bridges for IDR 25 billion in this year. And in the end of the year we will announce that hopefully we can build 500 until 600 suspension bridges," he said.

    Although it was only suspension bridges, Provincial Government of West Java were serious on handling this construction. In order to fulfil the standarisation of feasibility and safety, Ministry of Public Work (Kementrian PU-PERA) through Central Roads and Bridges (Pujastan) was involved with the construction.

    "It is true that Pujastan is involved so that the suspension bridges fit to their standard. After the construction has done, citizens will handle that suspension bridge. They will get help from Vertical Rescue Indonesia for training how to look after the brigde," he said.

    As for the construction, West Java Provincial Government will involve related departments, experst from ITB including from Central Roads and Bridges (Pusjatan) to observe the feasibility so that it can be accounted whether from technical, moral, and financial.

    On the other hands, volunteers or Citizen Society Organization (LSM) would also help looking for the suitable location for a suspension bridge construction. Such as at a bridge in Pakenjeng, Garut that had been built by the volunteers from Vertical Rescue Indonesia.

    "Fortunately, they also have program '1000 Bridges'. Their program is suitable with ours, so we decide to cooperate with them," Aher said.

    The estimation cost for a construction of suspension bridge was about IDR 50 million with 50 M as the length. The construction of that bridges mostly were in villages. so that in the future, the villages with suspension bridges will access with other regions.

    600 constructions of suspension bridge, said Aher, would improve Human Development Index (IPM).

    "We do not want to hear anymore that there are children hanging onto a bridge just for going to schools," he emphasized.

    If 600 constructions of the bridges could be done, West Java Provincial Government would announce that in the end of 2017.

    "We will announce 600 constructions of suspension bridge in the end of this year since it is our accomplishment," he said.

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