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    Demiz, "Plantation Coordination Meeting Have to Solve Problems"


    BANDUNG - Coordination Meeting (Rakor) of Plantation that was held on Tuesday (3/7) at Horison Bandung Hotel was expected to give solutions for many problems especially related with plantations. It was revealed by the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) while giving his speech. The meeting was attended by the General Directorate of Plantation from Ministry of Agriculture, Bambang M.M.

    "I hope this coordination meeting can give us solutions to solve many problems that should be faced on plantations field such as the decrease of plantations area and humans resource especially in our field," he said.

    According to the Vice Governor of West Java, the plantations area in West Java kept decreasing due to the transation of lands' function. Moreover, the decreasing of crops happened because of pests and lack of superior seeds.

    "Pests that attack crops still become a problem at this time and also the lack of superior seeds that have been certified," Demiz explained.

    Therefore, in the future all of stakeholders should work together to solve that problems in order to make the plantations field from West Java became success again. 

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