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    Rastra Will be Distributed on March 9th


    BANDUNG - Provincial Secretary of West Java Iwa Karnia made sure that the pre-welfare rice (rastra) in 2017 will be started on March 9th later. Iwa said the launch of the rice pre-welfare for citizens with low income will be done since it has alredy got the governor's decision.

    "I am as the head of cordination and distribution. This distribution is expected will be precise, exact quantities, and on time," he said at Sate Building, Bandung, Monday (3/6).

    However when his parties were asked about how many pre-welfare rice would be distributied, they admited that they still waited for the  Bureau of Logistics's of West Java calculation. "It will be informed again on March 9th or in advance, on March 8th," he said.

    According to him, the distribution of pre-welfare rice was only for citizens in regencies, while in the cities, there would be a new system that used a special card. The different was in the cities did not have to pay as other pre-welfare rice that is subsidize and citizens only paid for IDR 1,600/kg.

    "There is a reason behind it. In my opinion, that policy is made since in the cities there is no alternative meals. While in the villages, they can survive because they have rice, side dishes, vegetables, even they can plant it by themselves so they don't need money. While in the cities, when a person is poor then he is really poor," he said.

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