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    The Recruitment of TNI is Free


    BANDUNG-Thousand mens from West Java were ready to sign to soldiers of The Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) to devote themselves to keep Republic Indonesia.

    The Head of Regional Millitary Staff III/Siliwangi, Brig. Jen. TNI JP. Sembiring gave guidance to candidates' parents of Enlisted Rank PK TNI AD 1st TA Wave in 2017 at Saprua Sporthall of Bandung City, Tuesday (3/7).

    The activity had done to give understanding and meaning about selection process from registraion until the next selections process.

    The Head of Regional Militarry Staff stated that to become a TNI soldier was free, it started with registration process, selection and entering the education for candidates of TNI soldiers until the innaugurations were free, except for their private needs.

    The Head of Regional Militarry Staff also explained that during the selection process, there were two stages. The first selection stage was in Regional COmittees which was in a III Millitary district/Siliwangi and second stage was in central selection that would hire from the Headquaters form Jakarta but the place was still in a millitary district. All of parties inteded that the selected soldiers should be qualified and passed the selection.

    "The selection of TNI soldiers should be credible and transparant, so that for every parent of the candidates of Enlisted Rank PK I Wave in 2017 should assist their children during the process of selection," he explained.

    "Don't force your children to join TNI because the result might be not good, as we know TNI's life is tough ," he revealed.

    The Head of Regional Millitary Staff emphasized that if anyone found an individual could be bribed, if he was from TNI then he would be judged with TNI's law or he was sent to the farest area if the report was completed with accurate data.

    The guidance from the Head of Regional Millitary Staff was followed by 1,150 participants of Enlisted Rank PK I Wave in 2017. They were assisted by their parents.

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