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    West Java's Inflation Had Controlled


    BANDUNG-West Java's Inflation in 2017 was predicted still on 4 ± 1% however the risk of the increasing of administred prices and volatile food should be aware.

    One of the risk was from the inflation of world oil price that could give pressure on adiminstred prices and the contiunity La Nina effect that could disturb the stability of food supply.

    In order to anctipate that risk, coordination between Indonesia Bank and West Java Provincial Government via Monitoring and Inflation COntrol Area Team (TPID) kept increasing through many strategic programs of controlling inflation including strengthening the formulation of controlling inflation policy, increasing cooperation between one region with others through the optimal of Regionally-Owned Enterprise (BUMD), optimization on Rage Shed System (SRG) by activating SRG, building management candidates building and expanding integration system of SRG with Commodity of Auction Market (PLK), strenthening system of food prices in West Java (e-Priangan) based on mobile apps with the addition of feature merchant page.

    Then, the development of 'Kampung Peduli Inflasi', by extending the location of sample village of Inflation aware in all regions and cities in West Java. It would focus on strategic food commodities and synergy economic development areas by collaborating with clusters program of security food. With those efforts, West Java's inflation was expecred still being controlled with range of target for about 4 ± 1% in 2017.

    For your information, West Java's inflation in 2016 had been controlled in low level and stable which was 2.75%. It happened because administred price (0.04%) had been controlled, and core inflation (2.32%) had managed in the middle of the pressure from inflation of volatile food (7.17%).

    The maintaned of inflation in 2016 happened because of the coordination between the Provincial Government and Indonesia Bank in order to Coordination of Inflation Control Forum (FKPI) of West Java via Working program 'Kahiji Utama'.

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