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    Bandung to Have Digital Music Industry


    BANDUNG - Bandung City will have a gathering facility for the creative industries such as digital music industry. It is Click Square which is going to facilitate the creators of digital music from Bandung.

    Executive Director of Seventh Sky, Guruh R. Noor explained that they will develop acceptable creative products so that the world will acknowledge the creative products originally from Bandung. The quality of the digital music will be international-based standard in order to be globally marketed.

    "It's about how to advance a creative product which is acceptable so that the world acknowledges Bandung's creative products. So, the works of Bandung people can be facilitated here and the creators can meet their buyers," he explained to the reporters in Bandung, Monday (03/06/2017)

    Besides having an international standard, Guruh said that they will provide law protection in order that the musicians can have their copyrights. It is done to anticipate and to prevent plagiarism.

    "We also protect and advocate the works. They will be guided through the protections of law, business, and also incubation. Besides, there will be training and education until the market place which means to introduce the creators to buyers," he added.

    Bandung musicians will also receive training in digital music industry from some senior musicians who have had musical works.

    "It doesn't mean that Click Square kills the existed works. However, for those who have had works, they can share with others in the provided music classes," he informed.

    Guruh argued that Bandung has so many musicians. In the future, it is not impossible to have our own software to internationally introduce their works.

    "Why not Indonesia has its own software, there have been contents provided. Hopefully, it can be realized here since there are many IT and other communities. We try to collaborate them in the Click Square. Later on, they won't work individually," he explained.

    He expects that the collaboration can result in musician regeneration, producing latest masterpieces, and even creating new businesses in Bandung City.

    "The collaboration here will produce new masterpieces in order to be recognized by citizens of the world," he said. (MAT)

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