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    Campaign of Environmental Damage Impacts


    BANDUNG - Environmental damage be a scary thing for every human being on this earth. But ironically, people still don’t care about this issues. They still littering, produce environmental pollution due to industrial waste dumped into rivers, and endless illegal mining without regard to spatial development. This still occured when the Earth's surface becomes more severe.

    A psychologist Frater M.A.W. Brower says, "God created the Sundanese earth while smiling". Will God still smiling at the modern Sundanese earth today?

    This is expressed Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar when opened the event of Operation Video Feature Competition themed 'Impact of Environmental Degradation on the Economy Community of West Java’.

    "So the environment is very important, considering the several environmental damage in West Java,” said Vice Governor, Bandung, Saturday (5/12).

    Pasundan earth today, had several damage in the environment and it has become a logical consequence of human development and rapid growth in various fields. That's why the continuity of environmental sustainability often neglected.

    If it left without any anticipation will affect the quality of human life developing. Thus, in cooperation with the Indonesian Television Journalists Association (IJTI), West Java Provincial Government through the Bureau of Public Relations Protocol trying to dig a variety of environmental damage in West Java, in the form of audio visual reportage by holding the Featured Video Contest.

    Video collected can be carried out assessment of the various environmental damage that occurred in West Java. On the other hand, the competition system is also expected to be able exploring the potential and sensitivity of television journalists. Then actively go straight into environmentalists.

    Therefore, the Vice Governor also expects these activities can be developed more widely in order to not only television journalist, but also society can participate keen to become environmentalists.

    "I think it should be developed further and wider on society. We must also mobilise community participation in preventing environmental damage in West Java. It would be great if it appears others community who care about the environment and also people who can directly prevent damage,” said Vice Governor.


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