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    The Profit of BJB increased 14.4%


    JAKARTA - The net profit of BJB in 2016 increased up to 14.4% than in 2015.

    The Main Director of BJB Bank Ahmad Irfan said that the main contributor factor was from the net interest that grew up to 23.4%.

    BJB Bank was also success to reduce troubled loan ratio become 1.69%.

    "In 2015, Non Performing Loan (NPL) was 2.91%," he said after annoucing the company's performance in 2016 at Ritz Carlton Hotel in SCBD Jakarta, Thursday (3/2).

    Irfan said that BJB bank kept trying to increase the loan which was considered quite big as the growth up to 14.2%.

    "The segment of costumers' loan is up to 1.7%. The value becomes IDR 44.2 trillion," he concluded.

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