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    In the Past Two Months, West Java Export Values Arose


    BANDUNG - The Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) observed economic rate growth in 2016 kept happening by the increase of export value of West Java period of December 2016 and January 2017.

    Statistics Indonesia Agency of West Java Province (BPS Jabar) has just released the data of West Java Export Value reached USD 2.30 billion in January 2017, or it is arose than in December 2016 that was about USD 2.29 billion.

    The volume of West Java's export in Janury 2017 was about 0.67 million tons or arose up to 15.50% than in December 2016 that was only about 0.58 million ton. The major hike happens in the volume of oils and gasses export which was about 199.89% and non oils and gasses export that arose up to 4.38%.

    Over all, the hike happened on oils and gasses export that reached about USD 35.08 million or it was arose up to 199.87% than in December 2016 that was only USD 11.70 million. Meanwhile, non oils and gasses export was low. It was just about 0.96% as from the previous month was about USD 2.8 billion became USD 2.26 billion in January 2017.

    Since in the range between Janaury 2016 to January 2017, the export value of non oils and gasses reached the lowest point in July 2016 which was about USD 1.52 billion meanwhile the highest export value was in June 2016 which was about USD 2.43 billion. While, the lowest export value of oils and gasses happened in November 2016 which was about USD 10.53 million and the highest was in March 2016 which was USD 72.47 million.

    BPS also explained, the biggest market of West Java non oils and gasses was USA with had value for about USD 440.19 million, followed by Japan which was about USD 230.95 million, and Thailand with USD 172.89 million. Those three countries had role for about 37.33% towards West Java export value.

    "We are thankful that the good trend from ecomic sector keep happening in West Java. In fact, the export shows the global level of trusts towards West Java products whether from oils and gasses and non oils and gasses are good," Aher continued.

    According to him, in that situation, the highest arose momentum of economic growth rate (LPE) happened in the last year, and they tried to keep their good performance, especially in growing the export volume and value in beginning of this year.

    "We are trying some effort to keep it, even to grow West Java's export side. Hopefully, our good performance can also happen in the next following months," he continued.

    Aher believed that if West Java International Airport (BIJB) in Majalengka and Petimban Harbour in Subang had been constructed, so that the competitiveness of export activities would be stronger because it could be effective to decrease logistics cost.

    "Hopefully in 2018 later, especially when BJIB can be operated so that the process of export and import will not depend on other regions' airport. For location side, Kertajati is close to the exporter centre," he concluded.

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