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    Quotas for Hajj People from West Java Arose Again


    CIREBON - Quotas for Hajj people from West Java arose again than before. As previously, quotas of Hajj people should be decreased up to 20% due to Masjidil Harom reconstruction.

    "It happens because Masjidil Harom reconstruction, so it is decreased up to 20%," the Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan said after giving speech on Woorking Meeting of Ministry of Religious Affairs in West Java Area, in Cirebon, Thursday (3/2).

    The governor explained that at this time the total quotas of hajj people had been received by West Java Province after getting additional candidates from 1,227 people was 38,626 people. As for the number of additional candidates, according to the Governor or Aher, it was a gift from King Salman.

    "This increasing is expected to fasten West Java hajj travel, although it is not significant," Aher added.

    In contrast, although it was to fasten the travel for 10,000 hajj people, according to Aher, the waiting list was about 13 times of that amount. The number of hajj travel in every year almost reached 400,000 candidates of hajj people.

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