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    Governor Visits Two Schools in Cirebon


    CIREBON - Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan who is commonly known as Aher visited two senior high schools in Cirebon, Thursday (3/2). Those two schools were SMAN 2 Kota Cirebon and SMKN 1 Kabupaten Cirebon.

    At those schools, Aher re-informed about the mission of West Java regarding the management of Senior and Vocational High Schools in West Java, after the handover of management authority to the Province.

    "There must be a better change after the management of Senior and Vocational High Schools has been handed over to the Province. I'd like to continue the good program which has been done by the Regencies/Cities, and I will improve it with the better ones," Aher explained in front of the students.

    Furthermore, Aher also talked about the new jargon of high schools in West Java which is Student-friendly Schools and School for the Second Home. "If I mention school... then the answer is the Second Home. Schooool... the second home," the students enthusiastically answered.

    The concept of School as the second home is to make the school as comfortable as home. "The students must feel comfortable at school as well as they're at home. They can share stories with teachers, study pleasantly and comfortably and so forth," he explained. Teachers are also expected to be able to provide amiability at the school environment during the learning teaching activities.

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