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    Regional Secretary: West Java to be the Economic Centre of Southeast Asia


    BANDUNG - Regional Secretary of West Java, Iwa Karniwa believes that West Java will be a new economic centre in Southeast Asia.

    "With all potential and the development which are still ongoing, in the future Greater Bandung will be a new economic centre that can defeat the neighbouring countries," said Iwa while being a speaker in the Training of Effective Marketing Strategy PERBANAS at Aryadutha Hotel, Bandung, Thursday (3/2).

    The potential is based on the ongoing development of economic centres such as the constructions of harbours, international airports, and some infrastructures.

    Moreover, the development concept of industrial area, creative economy, and other areas will attract investors to make investments.

    "We still have extensive land for the area development," he said.

    In addition, the construction of road infrastructure will impact on the investment rate in West Java. According to Iwa, there are currently 17 plans of toll road construction; eight of them are in progress.

    "We support for the acceleration of all toll road construction planned by the Central Government," he said.

    To make West Java as the most advanced city and new economic centre, Iwa said that the Regional Government always keep preparing and making improvement.

    "We have prepared a kind of planning until 20125 in which the development aims at the infrastructure and food security, and also the preparation of Human Resources by improving educational quality," he said.

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