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    West Java Needs 3, 6 Million E-KTP (ID Cards) Forms


    BANDUNG - In order to fulfill the nation's need of completed and accurate population data, Department of Population and Civil Registration (Disdukcapil) of West Java Province tries to optimally register the population through electronic KTP (ID cards).

    Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) urged that the registration of West Java residents have to be filled completely and accurately. "This aims to make it easier to list who deserves Raskin (rice for poor), including during regional election in 2018. So that they will have the rights, so everything should be accommodated," he said during a meeting with Population Administrative in Disdukcapil office of West Java on Ciumbuleuit Street No 2 Bandung, On Wednesday (01/03/).

    The head of Disdukcapil of West Java Province, Abas Basari said that now the need of E-KTP forms to fulfill the numbers of registration in West Java is as many as 3.618.202 Forms.

    Among 43.740.159 People of West Java per 31 December 2016 according to Clean Consolidation Data (DKB), as many as 30.829.210 people have registered until February 2017. There are 28.161.829 people have already owned E-KTP. Meanwhile as many as 1.431.490 people who have been registered have not yet received their cards. As for those who failed to register are as many as 427.834 people. On the other hand, there are as many as 1.378.655 people have not been registered.

    "Based on the data, there are still many people with unfinished E-KTP cards. The government and regional Disdukcapil is doing a hard work to solve this problem," said Abas. He said that this can be solved if it is supported with adequate equipment." As for the need of KTP forms, we need 3.618.202 Forms," He said.

    Meanwhile, according to DKB, Abas explained that the data of potential voters (DP4) for simultaneous regional election in 2018 in 16 regencies/cities and one province are 31.766.665 voters. The numbers consist of 16.083.822 male voters and 15.682.843 female voters. "The estimation of the beginners are 61.127 voters, which are 31.098 of them are males while 30.029 are females," said Abas.

    He targeted that all administrative problems of West Java People will be solved by the end of 2017. "we targeted that all problems will be solved in 2017. I've urged all heads of departments to completely carry out their duties," he said.

    He said, those who have not yet registered themselves are mostly from west parts of West Java, industrial areas. "A lot of them are from cities, since there are lots of immigrants working in industrial areas. They are lazy to register. Last time in Bekasi, there are as many as 46 thousand of people having not registered themselves." he informed.


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