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    Governor Instructed the Building of SMUN 2 Bogor's Levee Should Meet Standard


    BOGOR CITY- Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) expressed his deep condolence regarding flood and erosion that occurred in Sukaresmi, Tanah Sareal Sub-district, where two people found dead swept by flood due to levee crack of SMUN 2 Bogor.

    "We'd like to express our deep condolence for the victims. I have offered the aid from the provincial government," said Aher during his visit to the location which is located in SMUN 2 Bogor, on Tuesday (28/7/17). He talked with the victims whose houses are damaged due to the big rain.

    After the disaster, the government plans to reconstruct a standardized levee of SMUN 2, considering the management of the school is under provincial government.

    Aher said that the crack levee did not meet the standard. The former levee was only a 2,5 meter heigh that was only capable of blocking the land movement and as a mark boundary of school building.

    "This was actually not a real levee; it was only a wall to block land. We are going to build a new standardized levee," he said.

    He is worried if the similar case may happen in the future.

    "We are worried that this may happen again in the future if the construction remains the same." he said.

    As observed today, the water has receded back in some locations. The area of levee crack and destroyed homes are still mounted by police lines and guarded by authorities.


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