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    The Perpetartor of Arjuna Bomb, Recidivist


    BANDUNG-Yayat Cahdiyat a.k.a Abu Salam, the perpetrator of pot bomb at Arjuna street, Bandung, was the perpretator of the same criminal or recidivist.

    The Head of West Java Provincial Police Commands (Kapolda), Inspector General (Irjen) Anton Charliyan, said that previously Yayat was sentenced three years confinement in prison for attending terrorism training in Janto, Aceh Besar, in 2011.

    "Yayat was a member of Jamaah Ansharut Daulah Bandung which is affiliated to Maman Abdurrahman. Yayat was born in Purwakarta, June 24th 1975 and he worked as trader," he explained.

    When he was asked regarding whether the perpetrator had already targeted the location, considering several vital objects such as Husein Sastranegara airport and Bandung Railway Station and including Arjuna Urban Village Office, Anton said that the probability is high. In addition, this incident is related to the incident in Purwakarta a while ago.

    "If we relate those facts, maybe he was tergeting the location because it is near several strategic objects. This incident is related to the incident in Purwakarta, in Jatiluhur where the perpetrator was also trying to explode the dam, which is also a strategic object," Anton added. jo

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