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    46.000 Twitter Accounts Affected Terrorism


    BANDUNG-Around 46.000 twitter accounts which are created by ISIS can affect the readers to commit terrorism. Those who are affected are usually commit the terrorism by themselves or in group.

    Deputy Communication and Information of State Intelligence Agency (BIN), Wawan Hari Purwanto, explained that after being affected there will be special order from their leaders in Suriah to attack in their own countries after they are being cornered.

    "To solve those who are affected is so difficult, because they read directly from the twitter and then carry out the attack. And this is not only happening in Indonesia," he said in Bandung, Monday (27/2).

    According to him, even though the government blocked certain information, they still can access the information because there are a lot of account that spread the same news.

    "Usually they are affected from twitter, because there are so many account who spread the same information," he said.

    Not only BIN who are keep taking precautions, but also the security forces in each areas will securing their areas.

    "We already done that (take precaution) in routine. But, not only BIN, but also all security forces are on their move to secure their areas if there are any attack happened in order to reduce the number of casualties," he explained.

    BIN urged the citizens not to be affected by the negative contents in social media becuase it can affect the emotion, attitude, behaviour, and opinion towards something.

    "The impact can be happened to anyone, so we hope there will be extra supervision to reduce the impact so people will not carry out what the content tell them so," he said. (MAT)

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