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    Regional Military Command (KODAM) III/Siliwangi Held a Socialization and Training to Enter the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI)


    CIMAHI-District Military Command (KODIM) 0609/Bandung Regency held a socialization and training to 26 orphans and children of Kodim 0609/Bandung Regency members who will attenting the selection to enter the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) at badminton hall of Headquarter of Kodim 0609/Bandung Regency, Gatot Subroto street No. 248, Cimahi.

    The Commander of Kodim 0609/Bandung Regency (Dandim), Lieutenant Colonel Air Defense Artillery (Letkol Arh) Andre Wira Kurniawan, S.Ap, M.Si, said that the event was held to prepare the best children in the area of Kodim 0609/Bandung Regency who are interested in attending the selection to enter TNI.

    The event was held to give insight regarding the mechanism and selection process to become TNI soldiers, so in practice they are ready to attend the test and hope to enter the TNI, he explained.

    In the socialization, Dandim 0609/Bandung Regency presented team from each field for example from Ajendam regarding the administration, Kesdam III/Siliwangi regarding the medical examination including the posture, weight, eye, blood tension, skin and genital, and hemorrhoids examination.

    Meanwhile, team from Jasdam III/Siliwangi are those who deal with the physical ability which is including Kesamaptaan A test is run around a field for 12 minutes and Kesamaptaan B test is pull-up, push-up, sit-up, and shuttle-run.

    The participants will be trained directly by Jasdam III/Siliwangi, and those who are attending the training in Kodim 0609/Bandung Regency are expected to be qualified and can be TNI soldiers. So they can be the next generation who will continue their parents' devotion, he said.

    Letkol Arh Andre also urged for those who are attending the socialization and training can keep their health by regulating diet, exercise, rest, and also avoid cigarette and alcohol and also staying up at night that can make them disqualified from the test later. (Pun)

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