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    The Governor of West Java: Be Aware of the Ground Movement


    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), appealed to the citizens of 27 cities/regencies for their awareness regarding the groun movement for the next few weeks.

    According to him, awareness is needed specifically in the areas which have the record of ground movement. In addition, those areas which does not have any record of ground movement cannot feel complacent because the effect of ground movement can spread anywhere.

    Aher stated the matter after receiving the report from the Centre of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG) this week regarding the volcanic activities and ground movement in several areas in Indonesia, including West Java. The report reffered to the movement from January to February 2017 and mitigation recommendation.

    "According to the report of Heas of PVMBG, Kasbani, the status of seven volcanoes are still normal and did not show any increasing activitites. However, in the last two months in 2017, West Java had experienced 20 phenomena of ground movement. That's why, all element in society are encouraged to take precaution," he said in Bogor, Tuesday (28/2).

    The Governor said that West Java is the area that with the most frequent ground movement which is 108 activities from total 220 activities of ground movement in Indonesia in 2016.

    Moreover, the highest number of ground movement activities in West Java is in 2010 with 113 activities, and then East Java with 22 activities and the last is Central Java with 16 activities. The ground movement is affected by several factors, which are geology, morphology, rain precipitation, the number of the population and its activities.

    According to Aher, Geological Agency had already launched early warning system for each regency in West Java which has ground movement potential. One factor that can trigger ground movement is the increasing number of rain precipitation within long duration of time.

    For that reason, the forecast map of potential ground movement for the next month was published and distributed to each regional government.

    "Several areas in West Java are experiencing ground movement activities again, so regional regulation is needed regarding the spatial planning, gaining insight regarding the danger of ground movement, creating techincal engineering design of ground movement mitigation, and ground movement vulnerability zone-based spatial planning," he said.

    Aher urged West Java provincial government and citizens to follow the mitigation recommendation from Geological Agency as a follow-up from preventing the earthquake potential. For example, construct a strategic building that erathquake resistant to hold a lot of people, do not construct building at the bottom and top of a cliff, and do not construct building on land which is not classified as adequate.

    The microzonation mapping can help the government and citizens through mitigation training, preparing the evacuation route and the shelter, holding an early education regarding earthquake, and creating the evacuation route.

    Regarding the volcanic activities in West Java, there is no acvtivity and casualty from the tourists. Several volcanoes in West Java are Mount Salak, Mount Gede, Mount Papandayan, Mount Guntur, Mount Galunggung, Mount Ciremai, and Mount Tangkuban Perahu are on level one or normal.

    Seven volcanoes in West Java are normal, but they will erupt someday and will not stop imminently. They can erupt anytime. Vulcanology Agency will observe the condition of each mountain visually. The provincial government published a public call out as a step of mitigation.

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