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    Senior High School/Vocational High School Students Do Not Have to Be Afraid to Sit for Exam


    BANDUNG-Mother of Literacy of West Java, Netty Heryawan, emphasised that Senior High School/ Vocational High School students do not have to be afraid to sit for Computer-based National Exam (UNBK) and National Standard Exam (USBN) this April. These exams must be understood as a phase in their lives.

    "As students in Senior High School, you will experience a stage which is called USBN and UNBK. If you're afraid and feel need to prepare for your exam, than it's okay. But if you dramatize your fear, it can make you feel unease, worry and nervous when you sit for your exam," said Netty in front of XII grade students to give Motivation to Prepare for National Exam at SMAN 11 Bandung, Senin (27/2).

    According to her, as students, they have to possess the spirit of knights or fighters who will not give up till the end. It is also interesting, the exams can help to build the students' characters in solving their problems. For example, the quiters who will give up before they even try, the tempters who want to try but never make it, and the last is the climber who are strugling to finish every task.

    With high hope, Netty encouraged the students in SMAN 11 Bandung, and also all the senior high school/vocational high school students in West Java that, first, not to be afraid to sit for exam since it is a stage that we must face in finishing our school. It is also a way to prove our ability that we have during school and become stepping stone to continue to the next level of education.

    The second is anyone who have better preparatio for the exams will get the better result. "And the third is we pray together that honesty will become the foundation of every student for exam. Because the indicator of success in someone's life is not the score that one got from exam, but the determination and strenght of one's character and personality," she added.

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