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    Hoaxs Start From Jokes


    BANDUNG - Hoaxs are defined as "misleading news that have purpose to trick their readers and or audiences to believe certain thing, whereas a hoaxer knows that the news was wrong". It usually starts from jokes.

    Budi Raharjo as a lecturer from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) which is also a social observer said that a hoax usually was made for fun, and unfortunately it was liked by some of citizens.

    "Althought, it hasn't been proven to be true yet, a hoax is liked since it is for fun by some people," Budi said during his seminar on "Building Mindset of anti-hoaxs in College Students" that was held at New Auditorium Building of UNIKOM, Bandung, Monday (2/27).

    According to Budi, the more citizens who read hoaxs, the more people who would receive benefits from those misleading news.

    "Not for long time, this misleading news will make certain people get benefits. The higher number of traffic in their websites, the more income that they will get from advertisements," he said.

    Budi said that that condition was hard to stop, since some of "hoaxers" were hard to be controlled except stopping to put the advertisement on their websites.

    "Hoaxers are unstopable, the only thing that we can do is to stop their sponsors by not putting any advertisements on their websites. So that, they will not receive any income or benefits. We cannot also close their domain, since they will start a new one," he said.

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