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    Signing Third MoU, Ciletuh-Palabuhan Ratu Geopark Cooperated with 8 Parties


    BANDUNG - Provincial Government of West Java signed the third Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) of development of Ciletuh-Palabuhan Ratu Geopark area or partner geopark. The signing of MoU had done with 8 parties at Manglayang Room Sate Building, at Diponegoro Street number 22, Bandung city, Monday (2/27/2017).

    The 8 parties are BJB Bank, Telkom Regional III West Java, PLN Ltd of West Java, Association of Tourist Travel Agency (ASITA) of West Java, Asssociation of Indonesian Tour Guides (HPI) of West Java, Association of Indonesia Hotels and Restaurants (PHRI) of West Java, PHRI of Sukabumi region, and HPI of Sukabumi region.

    That MoU was a requirement that was proposed by UNESCO so that Ciletuh-Palabuhan Ratu could be a part of UNESCO Global Geopark (UGG). The two previous MoU that had been signed which were MoU with acedemicians and geopark that had bee a part of UGG such as Batur UGG in Bali and Sewu Mountain UGG in Yogyakarta.

    "Today we have signed with 8 parties. They are from hotels, Asita, Telkom, PLN, and Bank. There are association of tourism management, and many more," the Governor of West Java Aher said while he was assited by the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar after signing MoU.

    "Now, we have completed the partnership geopark requirement from UNESCO," he continued.

    The judges from UNESCO will come in April or May to observe directly Ciletuh. With all of the preparations that had been done, it became big expectation that Ciletuh-Palabuhan Ratu Geopark would be nominated in December 2017. So that if it was passed, Ciltuh-Palabuhan Ratu Geopark will become a UGG representative from Indonesia in 2018.

    The National Ciletuh-Palabuhan Ratu Geopark would be developed as the destination of tourism in Indonesia which had international standard. This destination was based on environment conservation and sustainable. The width of this area is 168,000 hectares with 74 villages and 8 sub-districs consist of forest area, plantation, shopping centre, and coast.

    Besides making partnership, Provincial Government of West Java kept trying to fix supporting infrastructures. Aher mentioned that his parties would build a road for 40 km from Palabuhan Ratu to Ujung Genteng. It would become an unique and interesting destination because visitors could enjoy geopark area with that road.

    "It will be a new road, a new historu since after all this time there is no road that connect Palabuhan Ratu with Ujung Genteng. The road is in the middle, so if you want to go to that area, you have to pass footphat then you will arrive in the coast," Aher said.

    "So, there will be tourism destination to Ujung Genteng-Palabuhan Ratu. It will be 40 km from the coast. In the left side during the trip to Ujung Genteng from Palabuhan Ratu, you can see a green view of mountaion while the sea view is in your right side and vice versa. It will the uniqueness of this destination, because the geopark is located in the middle," he explained.

    The geopark would focus on 3 things which are Geodiversity that are related with various geology which has history value such as types of stones and gletser, Biodiversity that are related with variety of flora and fauna, and Culturediversity that realted with variety of local art and cultures.

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