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    Indonesian Aerospace Inc, Should Develop an Aircraft to Carry Fresh Fishes


    BANDUNG - The Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Republic of Indonesia (Menristekdikti) Muhammad Nasir expected that Indonesia Aerospace Inc, (PTDI) as the one that produced planes in Indonesia to keep developing types of their aircrafts especially for carrying fresh fish from Indonesia.

    It was revealed by Nasir in his visitation to observe the progress of making N219 that was still on its final process in Bandung, (2/27).

    "The demand of fresh fishes is really high, while we don't have a special aircraft to carry fresh fishes whether from Indonesia or other countries. We still carry them on ships, so that it is impossible to carry fresh ones," he explained.

    The aircraft to carry fresh fishes was needed to carry fishes from islands area to international airport so that it could be exported.

    "I think N219 is suitable for that needs, since it doesn't need long runaway. It only needs 400 up to 500 meters of runaway," he explained.

    If it can be happened, Muhammad Nasir believed that the sales of fresh fishes could give bigger income.

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