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    USAID PRIORITAS Program Sustainability


    Bandung – Various good practices in the area of teaching-learning, school management, reading culture, social participation, and educational system in the district partners of USAID PRIORITAS are believed to be an important advancement in the area of education.

    By the end of the USAID program, there has been a great determination of all the educational stakeholders of West Java Province to preserve and develop the program. For that reason, a number of strategic attempts to keep the sustainability of the practices have begun to plan and design.

    The issue has been raised during the coordination meeting of the West Java educational stakeholders in Bandung, on Tuesday (1/24).

    The event was attended by the representatives of Disdikbud (Department of Education and Culture) of West Java, Government and Cooperation Bureau of West Java Regional Secretariat (Setda), Yanbangsos (Bureau of Basic Social Services and Development) of West Java Regional Secretariat, LPMP (State Education Quality Agency) of West Java, Madrasah Education Agency of Regional Office of Kemenag, BDK (Training Bureau) of Kemenag of West Java, Bappeda of West Java, and P4TK-IPA (Center for the Natural Sciences Teachers and Educational Personnel Development and Empowerment).

    Head of PAUDNI and Pre-tertiary Education Development Division of West Java Disdikbud (Department of Education and Culture) said that the West Java Department of Education still facilitates BOS (School Operational Assistance) for elementary schools and junior jigh shools until 2017, transferred students, and also National Final Exam (UAN). It enables the Disdik of West Java to participate in keeping the sustainabilty of good practices of USAID PRIORITAS.

    Head of Subdivision of Planning and Reporting of West Java Disdikbud Hendra Kusuma Sumantri admitted that the division itself has been proposing a regulation in order that the provincial government can also contribute to the development of pre-tertiary education in the district level. Therefore, the provincial government can directly ensure the sustainability of good educational practices as a result of USAID PRIORITAS program.

    Erna Irnawati, the Coordinator of USAID PRIORITAS of West Java, welcome the great determination of the educational stakeholders in West Java to preserve the good educational practices. “When our role has decreased and been at an end, the role of the provincial government and all stakeholders in education should be more powerful and dominant to preserve and further develop the program impact to the districts and schools/madrasah which have not derived the benefits of the program,” said Erna.


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