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    Cihampelas Street Vendors to Move to Skywalk


    BANDUNG – Starting from today, Tuesday (01/31), the street vendors (PKL) of Cihampelas have been allowed to move to the Skywalk, following the result in the audience held by the Mayor Ridwan Kamil together with the citizen Communication Forum and Cihampelas street vendors at Pendopo of Bandung City on Dalem Kaum Street No. 56 Bandung City, on Monday evening (01/30)

    The Mayor hopes that the movement process of the vendors to the Skywalk can go smoothly and on time before the soft launching on Saturday evening or Sunday.

    “If all of the vendors have moved and been organized well on Wednesday, then I will not hesitate to promote it,” the Mayor explained.

    The mayor asked the vendors to be cooperative with the Bandung City Government in realizing this program for the sake of the smoothness of the program and all people related to this idea, and to always maintain the environment to be clean.

    “I hope all people can cooperate for the sake of all people's security. And I do forbid the fake vendors who take chances to benefit from the Skywalk facilities,” the Mayor emphasized.

    Based on the data, it is recorded that there 192 vendors registered and deserve to move from below Cihampelas to the Skywalk stalls.


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