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    Bandung Trans Metro BRT to be Operated in April 2017


    Head of Department of Transportation of West Java Dedy Taufik said that the operation planning of these medium-sized buses got certainty after the department received 10 units of BRT as a grany from the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub). "We got 10 units of BRT as a grant from that will be managed by the Department of Transportation of West Java," said Dedy on Tuesday (1/31).

    It is planned that Bandung Trans Metro will be operated for the route of Bandung City-Bandung Regency and one bus unit will be operated for six times of trip per day. The route is from Leuwipanjang-Kopo-BKR-Moch. Toha-Dayeuhkolot-Ciparay Bus Station to Majalaya Station. "This program will start in April 2017," said Dedy.

    The budget for the bus operational, according to him, will be funded by the Regional Budget of West Java through the direct expenditure of West Java Dishub. The department calculated that the service contract will cost and has been budgeted Rp. 2,39 million in total.

    With more than 27-kilometer long track, this medium bus is planned to operate for serving the public from 06.00 to 18.00 at Indonesia Local Time (WIB). The ticket for the bus will temporarily cost Rp 5000. "Later on, the bus will be operated by the UPTD Dishub of West Java or BUMD. But, it is about process. The important thing is that this program can be started first so that the citizens of Bandung City and Bandung Regency move on to the public transportation," Deddy explained.

    Two area passed by the Bandung Trans Metro is the most frequently used by the citizens. "The cost is flat. Hopefully, it can help the public social economic activities," said Deddy.

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