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    Mayor to Support The BPN’s Program


    BANDUNG – Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil welcomed the planning from the The National Land Agency (BPN) of West Java that will realize the complete systematic land registration in Bandung City. It is targeted that there will be 93.000 systematic land registrations.

    “I welcome the BPN’s program which targets 93.000 systematic land registrations. Hopefully, it is also supported both by the administrative villages (kelurahan) and the subdistricts (kecamatan) in Bandung city,” said the Mayor during the meeting with the BPN of West Java at Pendopo of Bandung city Dalem Kaum Street, on Tuesday (01/31).

    According to the Mayor, as the form of the City Government’s participation and support for the program, the government will make a creative campaign and a recommendation letter from the Mayor to facilitate the process of land certification.

    “The planning of BPN’s program socialization will be done with the Land Department of Bandung City. We will introduce the program to all of the citizens in Bandung city in the near future,” said the Mayor.

    As having been known, the Regional Office of National Land Agency of West Java Province has targeted that the certification of complete systematic land and across sector will reach 384.500 plots in 27 districts in West Java during 2017 in complete systematic land registration (PTSL).

    PTSL covers the regional area done in the three urban districts. They are in Bandung City which total 93.000 certificates, Cimahi City which total 40.000 certificates, and Sukabumi City which total 11.000 certificates.


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