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    Soroja Land Acquisition to be 100% Completed


    BANDUNG – Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) has eventually completed the land acquisition for the Soerang-Pasirkoja (Soroja) toll road until 100%.

    Head of Regional Office of The National Land Agency (BPN) of West Java Sri Mudjitono said that until the third week of January 2017, the Agency itself makes sure that the land acquisition in Soroja has been completed and the payment for compesantion is in progress. “It is true, it has reached 100%,” said Mudjitono in Bandung, on Tuesday (1/31)

    The Agency admitted that the land acquisition of Soroja is indeed tough enough. From the waqf land to the local people’s houses were hampered by the land acquisition budgeting. The agency itself admitted that the measurement and price appraisal of dozens plots of land have been done quickly. “However, when the people have agreed on the price, the disbursement from the PUPR has not been ready,” said Mudjitono.

    According to him, the land acquisition of Soroja really depends on the disbursement from the PUPR. However, because the disbursement has not been ready to cash, PT Citra Marga Lintas Jabar (CMLJ) as the contractor eventually seeked bailout about Rp14 million.  “Once again, we expected the land acquisition to be done quickly. But now Soroja has been completed,” said Mudjitono.

    In the same place, Regional Secretary of West Java Iwa Karniwa said that before it 100% completed, all this time the construction of the Soroja toll road was delayed by the acquisition of two spots of waqf land and 20 plots of land owned by the people in Margaasih Subdistrict, Bandung Regency.


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