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    Mosques Function As Social Space


    BANDUNG – The existence of mosques nowadays does not only function as a place of worship, but it is also a part of social space which functions to develop the economic growth of ummat  (people). That is as stated by Vice Mayor of Bandung, Oded M. Danial after inaugurating Ar-Rahman Mosque in RT 01 RW 03 Kelurahan Sukaraja, Kecamatan Cicendo, Bandung City, on Sunday (01/29).

    According to Oded, the development messages from the government can be delivered to people through the activities in a mosque.

    “It is a pride if the mosques are full of people and they participate in positive activities. For example, the recitation of Qu’ran in Maghrib (the just-after sunset daily Muslims’ prayer) until Isha (the night-time daily Muslims’ prayer) is done not only by children but also adults.

    Oded is optimistic that the activity of Maghrib Mengaji (the Qur’an recitation in Maghrib time) and Subuh prayer in congregation (jama’ah) can be meant that the programs conducted by the Bandung City Government have been interpreted well by the people.

    “I hope that the program of Bandung City can get a balance between the capital and social development, so that the efforts to build a balance of Bandung begin to achieve the result,” said Oded.

    Oded also said that people have started to take initiative in taking part in the development. For example, it happens to the RW 03 Kelurahan Sukaraja in which the local apparatus plans the program of independent RW (community unit).

    “The program is a form of effort to build people’s independency trough infaq and shadaqah (alms). One RT can collect up to 3 million rupiahs every week, and it can be used for the development,” said Oded.


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