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    Attractive Offering from Lebanon


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar received a visiting from Lebanon cleric. The meeting was aimed to establish cooperation in a various things that can strengthen the relation.

    The ambassador to Lebanon Ahmad Chozin Chumaidy said the purpose of this arrival to give an attractive offering through Lebanese cleric delegation in the form of scholarships for Indonesian students, especially in West Java, which will be given for those who wish to study in S1, S2, S3.

    "Our arrival to continue strengthening good relations in exploring the potential of co-operation with Indonesia. Especially in the corridors of scientific, religious and cultural economy,” says Ahmad Chozin opened the meeting both sides.

    As a regional leader, Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar also welcomed this offering as coreligionists and also as brother in Ukuwah Islamiyah. Humanitarian missions is important in the field of education.

    Deddy is determined to follow up this offering, from the administration, licensing, and legality. So that a good programs can be held smoothly."They offer scholarships for our students to school there from S1 to S3. We will follow up later,” says Deddy after the meeting."The message of brotherhood as fellow Muslims (ukhuwah Islamiyah) is also important through this offering," he added.

    While the Lebanese cleric delegation who was present, Sheikh Abdurahman Al Riva’i convinced that the mission of this partnership can work well. He believes West Java has a wide range of its potential with 90% population is Muslim, and also about 18 thousand schools were continuously supported its development by the provincial government.

    It was the main attraction and concern which is considering for immediately launch the various cooperation, in various fields."I believe the relationship of the same faith can make a good relationship,” said Sheikh Abdurahman Al Rival, through a translator.The head of West Java provincial environment bureau, Lebanon clerics, and other related parties also attended to this meeting.

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