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    House of Indonesian Wqaf (RWI) Establishes Assisted Villages to Fight against Al-Qur’an Illiteracy


    BANDUNG - To fight against Al-Qur’an illiteracy among Muslim citizens, RWI is determined to enlarge assisted networks in every village in regencies and cities of all over Indonesia. The Qur’an village is an optimizing program of Al-Qur’an Wqaf initiated by RWI since September 2015.

    RWI, today has established 15 Qur’an villages spread out over Sumatera, Kalimantan, Java, and Nusa Tenggara with the total of the beneficiary reaches 2240 people. The realization of the guidance program is prioritized in the remote areas and in the areas in which a faith is very sensitive.

    “Based on the development in 2016, the program of Qur’an villages is considered to be very beneficial for the local people. The villages Qur’an program is not only for the people’s needs to be able to recite and to learn the Al-Qur’an well, it also helps to guide the environment to be more religious,” said the Director of RWI, Soleh Hidayat on Monday (1/30).

    Trough this program, Soleh expects that there will be more Indonesian citizens who care and do the Wqaf  (an inalienable charitable endowment under Islamic law) for the program of Qur’an villages. Therefore, there will be more people in Indonesia remote areas that can be released from Al-Qur’an illiteracy.

    To optimize the wqaf Al-Qur’an, RWI also distributes some Al-Qur’an printed in Braille for Indonesian citizens who are visually impaired. Through the tagline “Kekalkan Kebaikan” or “Perpetuate the Good Deeds”, RWI facilitates the donors to perpetuate good deeds through the distributed waqf programs.


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