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    3 Strategic Issues to be Bandung City's Priorities in 2017


    BANDUNG - Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil emphasized that there are three prioritized strategic issues that need to be improved by the government of Bandung City in 2017.

    “Education, poverty, and traffic congestion become the main priorities that need to be improved in 2017,” said the Mayor during the Discussion Meeting of Key Performance Indicator in Bandung City Hall, Wastukancana Street, on Monday (01/30)

    According to the Mayor, the government can solve the poverty issue by knowing the classification of poverty types which are below the poverty line, poor, and near-poor.

    “The main target to be solved regarding the poverty is those who are below the poverty line. We have to know the citizens who are below the poverty level,” said the Mayor.

    The Mayor said that the Program of Kredit Melati proposed by the Government of Bandung city earlier has to have a target again. The program of subsidized stalls and the program of “Familiy for Family” also need to be introduced to all of the well-to-do citizens.

    “Kredit melati must have 30.000 debitors in 2017. The target of subsidized stalls that could not be accomplished last year which are one subsidized stall for one subdistrict should be improved to be two stalls for one subdistrict. Besides, the Family for Family program should be well-informed,” said the Mayor.

    Meanwhile, for the traffic congestion issue, according to the Mayor, the City Government itself has realized the priority by the construction of some flyovers, roadworks, and law enforcement for any law-breaking which cause traffic congestion.

    “So it is not only about roadworks and improving the infrastructures, it also need to solve the problem of illegal parking and street vendors,” said the Mayor.


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