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    Bima: Please Consume Nutrious Food


    BOGOR CITY –  Vice mayor of Bogor City, Bima Arya told the students of SDN Tegal Lega 1 and 2 Bogor city to always be children who are physically and psychologically healthy. One of the keys to stay healthy is to regularly consume healthy food and not to buy snacks or food carelessly.

    “There are only people who are healthy both psychologically and physically that can be a successful and great person,” said Bima while leading the flag-raising ceremony at SDN Tegal Lega 1 and 2 Bogor, on Monday (1/30/2017).

    Morever, Bima reminded the students that in this transition period, it is important to consume nutritious food in order to keep the immune system healthy. He said that what we eat determines the nutrient. Furthermore, the nutrient affects the IQ (intelligent Quotient) and IQ determines the intelligence or the ability both to study and to work.

    “Besides, it needs to be balanced by doing exercise, because there is a healthy mind in a healthy body,” he emphasized.

    Not only the students, but the teachers are also reminded to keep and watch over the students from what they consume. Furthermore, Bima also stressed the importance of breakfast for students to support their morning activities and to prevent them from buying food carelessly. On that occasion, Bima also prayed for the students dreams to come true.

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