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    A Visit from Hangzhou Government to Bandung


    BANDUNG-Asian-African Conference held  in 1955 became a magnet that attract foreign investors to invest in this city. The event became the reason for Hangzhou Government in Republic of China, to establish cooperation with the Government of Bandung.

    The information was explained by Indonesian Consulate General in Shanghai, Siti N. Mauludiah to the Deputy Mayor of Bandung, Oded M. Danial during a meeting in order to discuss the cooperation plan in Bandung City Hall, on Thursday (26/01/2017)

    Siti claimed that she has offered several cities in Indonesia to Hangzhou to be partner with. "But then Hangzhou chose Bandung, one of the reason is that Bandung is place where Asian-African Conference was held," he said

    Hangzhou is the largest city in Zhejiang Province which has similar characteristics with Bandung. Its government also proposed a smart city concept. In this city, the technology has been transformed into a daily necessity; one of them is in social economic of the people.

    For example, paying in cash is no longer a culture in Hangzhou. Almost all Hangzhou citizens have left such transaction method, and replaced it by payment via smart phones. Almost every store has its own online system.

    "People rarely pay in cash. Ahead of Imlek, There will be many people giving angpau by transferring the money via mobile phones," said Siti

    Moreover, Alibaba, the largest e-Commerce in world quite dominates Hangzhou. Huawei Technology Company also locates their research and development office there.
    "So the online market is very strong there. If we do not follow, we will be left behind," said Siti. jo


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