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    Ten Government officials of West Java Followed Continuation Inauguration


    BANDUNG– A total of 10 structural officials in Provincial Government of West Java, followed an continuation inauguration at Gedung Sate Bandung, on Friday (01.27.17). The officials consisted of officials of Echelon III (Administrator) and IV (Supervisor).
    Vice Governor of West Java, which now perform duties as Plh. Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar said, the officials inaugurated are those who were not present at the inauguration and at the previous official inauguration event that was held on January 9, 2017.

     "Since all of you were unable to attend the previous inauguration event, then I get a delegation from the governor, who is currently undertaking a working visit abroad, to carry out the continuation inauguration today," said Deddy Mizwar.

    It is also in line with  Article 4, paragraph 2 on description of Government Regulation No. 100 year 2000 regarding the appointment of the Civil Servants, in structural positions, which mandates that the inauguration of a Civil Servant who has been inaugurated in a structural position should be carried out no more than 30 days after the establishment of the appointment.
    Based on West Java Governor Decree No. 821.2 / kep.35-BKD / 2017 on the appointment and removal of structural positions, administrative positions in the Government of West Java Province, the follow-up appointment includes10 officials from echelon III and IV, namely:
    1. Raden Mukti Subagja, Head of Information Management and Applications Revenue, Regional Revenue Agency;
    2. Sukmawati, Sub-section Head of Finance and Asset Management, the Secretariat of the Department of Health;
    3. Rosmiati, Section Chief of Water and Air Pollution Control, the Environmental Pollution Control, Environment Agency;
    4. Sutrisno, Section Chief of Technicality, Electricity at Electricity Division, Energy and Mineral Resources Department
    5. Kurnia Permana, Head of Energy and Mineral Resources of UPTD Region II Bogor, Energy and Mineral Resources Department;
    6. Neng Rida Irawati, Section Chief of the Training Implementation, at Agricultural Training Institute, Department of Food Crops and Horticulture;
    7. Eko Setiadi, Section Chief of River, Lake, Reservoir, and Beach, at Central Management of Water Resources in Citanduy River Region, Department of Water Resources;
    8. Rudi, Section Head of Irrigation, at Central Management of Water Resources in Cisanggarung Cimanuk River Region, Department of Water Resources;
    9. Muhammad Nur, Head of Sub Division of Administration, at Social Rehabilitation Center Pamardi Putra in Lembang, Bandung, Department of Social Services;
    10. Rafida, Head of Sub Division of Administration, at State Civil Apparatus Corps UPTD, Regional Employment Agency.

    Furthermore, Deddy Mizwar instructed the inaugurated officials that they must quickly adapt and synergize with their staffs, while building organizational consolidation. "Understand and implement your responsibilities especially in transforming policy into operational language of leadership and measures as well as supervising and controlling the implementation every day," said Deddy.

     "We need to move fast, because the dynamics of today's society have also taken place very quickly. Therefore, for those who have taken new seats, or still in old position but got a change in duties and functions as the impact of these adjustments, immediately review the entire plans of your work unit that are outlined in 2017 budget," he said.

    In addition, Deddy did not forget to motivate the newly confirmed officials in carrying out their duties as well as possible. He also advised the official that if there are problems in the future, then immediately does a precaution to minimalize the deviation, and enhance the budget changes.

    There was also resent at the inauguration and continuation inauguration of West Java Provincial Secretary, Iwa Karniwa, Elements of  West Java Provincial Forkopimda Officials, Administration and supervision officials, and invited guests.


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