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    Cooperative Must Develop A Harmony


    BANDUNG-Deputy Mayor of Bandung, Oded M. Danial said, a cooperative must be able to develop a harmony, where they have spirit of mutual cooperation that is not inferior to other organizations

    "I believe that cooperative could develop harmony together, even with a large numbers of members, cooperative has high-value assets," he said.

    According to Oded, this time the role of cooperatives in Indonesia experienced a good increase, ranging from the improvement of  their Human Resources (HR), implemented programs and the achievement.

    "The keyword should be owned by cooperative is 'to build a harmony'," said Oded, in front of the participants of Cooperatives Training program for members of  Indonesian Cooperatives Council of Bandung in Indonesian Cooperative Council Building (Dekopinda) in Bandung City on Wednesday (25/01)

    Oded said, with a large numbers of members which currently reached 2,500 people, cooperative now has high-value assets

    "With that many members, the purpose and objective of the cooperative must be well achieved. And as leaders, they only have to carry out responsibility and progress that will be achieved, "he said. (Parno)


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