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    Visiting Jamaludin, P2TP2A of West Java Will Provide a Psychologist for Him


    BANDUNG- The head of the Integrated Service Center for Women and Children (P2TP2A) of West Java Province, Netty Heryawan Jamaludin said, considering the age of the victim of milling machine accident is still very young, psychological counseling is very important, not only for the victim, but also for his family, before they are ready to return to home.

    "If necessary P2TP2A will provide the victim with a psychologist, although earlier there was information that the psychiatric of the hospital has already helped him, said Netty when visiting Jamaludin at Hasan Sadikin Hospital (RSHS) Bandung, Thursday ( 01.26.2017).

    Jamaludin Muhammad (6 years) had both of his hands amputated, after the milling machine accident on Saturday (21/01/2017)

    Jamaludin is currently in intensive care at Hasan Sadikin Bandung in Kenanga room, under the responsibility of dr. Ghuna Arioharjo Utoyo, Sp.OT.

    Netty ensures the accessibility of educational services should be designed in such a way for Jamalludin, in which the special educational design can include trauma healing. Netty also formed a coordination forum involving Social Services, Department of Education, Department of Health, Bureau of Social Development and Services, and the National Zakat Agency of West Java province to plan the follow-up of medical treatment which has been carried out by the RSHS.

    "Seeing the condition of the patient who is still a 6 year-old with both hands amputated while his future is still long ahead, of course we will find a way to give him a further treatment. I've contacted the head of Education department of West Java to ensure the accessibility for education services," Netty said.

    Jamal is still in the stage of post-operative recovery. Dr. Ghuna who looks after Jamal said that currently Jamal is still in a period of nutrition and wound recovery and still preparing for the next surgery.

    "In two to three days ahead, there should be a second surgery for cleaning up the wound, and then the next surgery for wound closure with the skin of other body part will be conducted," said dr. Ghuna.

    With regard to financial support for Jamal, the Chief of national Zakat of West Java was ready to help Jamal's family during hospital care. Meanwhile, the cost of Jamal's treatment, which until now reached 400 million Rupiah, is still coordinated with some related agencies

    The son of Lisnawati and Heryadi was out of parental supervision when playing around brick-making area, where his father and grandfather worked. Jamal was helped by his grandfather, Kholidin (45), who also lost a knuckle of his right index finger when the accident occurred.

    "There was no one looking after him at home then, so I brought him with me. I left him for work, but when I checked on him, he was already in the machine" Kholidin explained.


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