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    Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Minister Warned Head Officers


    BANDUNG- The minister of State Apparatus and Bureaucracy Reform (Menpan RB) Asman Abnur, warned all head officers not to be arbitrarily in organizing the composition of officials.

    Asman said, in choosing someone to have a sit in certain position, especially  eselon II, they have to open auction position. According to him, this condition will prevent the head officers from choosing anyone for the position arbitrarily.

    "We have the format, and we keep observing, there won't be any more "tim sukses" (success team) can be a head of any department. It won't happen again," he said in Bandung, after submitting the evaluation paper of accountability of the work performance of the instances of Bandung regency government, Wednesday (25/1).

    He said that the governor, regent, and mayor cannot easily replace any officials of eselon II or other levels just because they dislike the officials. The officials are expected not to get affected by political situation of head officers.

    "Don't be afraid that your position will be taken away from you just because you didn't support the regent, mayor, or governor during their campaign. Work well so that you will be still considered to fill the current position. The head officers are no longer be able to replace any official as they want," he said.

    He said that eselon II should not be afraid by any political situation in the government. The standard for them to remain in the position is not based on their loyalty but their work performance.(Pun)



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